Little needs to be left to the imagination when giving your own input on what pests are. Indeed, it is not unusual for you to occasionally apply this term in a derogatory manner to your fellow man. This is what happens when someone irritates the socks off you. Oh, go away already, is what some of you may exclaim. But strictly speaking, pests are a lot more serious. And it gets worse once they become parasites.

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For you and your fellow man, you would usually escape with nothing more than minor irritations. Of course, there will always be those cases where parasitic infections could become quite dangerous. For humans in general, mosquitoes carrying malarial diseases are to be avoided at all costs. Parasites do not only come in the form of insects or bacterial microbes, they also come in mammal form. Possibly the most famous example thereof is that of rats.

And indeed throughout history, famous plagues known to have wiped away the lives of thousands of humans had rats as its feature attraction. And its sadly ironic that all along, human influence has always been at fault for the spread of dangerous diseases that quite possibly could have been avoided all along. Today, however, it is a lot easier to control, contain and wipe out pestilential infestations now that you have the knowledge and technologies.

But spare a thought always for the little ones in your homes because they are always vulnerable. This is also why tick control athens work is so important. Because the domestic pets are such easy prey, ticks quickly latch on to the legs and backs of their furry coats and proceed to suck the lifeblood out of them. So, do take special care of your pets then.

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