In our society there are certain rules and regulations that we need to follow in order to keep our society moving and functional.  You need to stop at red lights and stop signs, you need to hold doors open for little old ladies and you don’t want to commit crimes.  If and when you commit a crime you will be punished by the state.

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It is during this punishment phase where a judge will hear the evidence that they have against you and depending on what it is, issue a bond.  This bailbonds Vista can take on many different forms such as a recognizance bond where you are let go without having to put up any money or property to a bond where you will need a bondsman that works for a company such as Acme Bail Bonds to sign off on.

When you use a bondsman, you are entering into a legal contract that is backed by the courts.  How it works is you will need to put up a certain percentage, usually ten percent as a good face payment.  The rest is paid by the bondsman to the courts.  This enters you into a legal contract that you have to follow.

In this contract you will be told specific actions that will occur if you play by the rules and adhere to the bond as well as actions that will occur if you break the bond.  Some of these conditions will be periodic drug screenings if needed, random searches of your home and even surveillance and general check ins. 

If you break the law and are in the process of being punished for these actions, you are stripped of certain rights that the rest of us are given.  Once you have paid your debt to society or have been exonerated from the crimes, these rights will then be transferred back to you.

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