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Siberian Tiger Skull (Panthera tigris altaica)

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Siberian Tiger Skull (Panthera tigris altaica)
- Length of Skull 39 cent. - Wide of Skull 25,4 cent. - Height of Skull 16,5 cent. - Length of upper canines 7 cent. - Length of lower canines 5,1 cent. - Measurements taken by scientists of the Siberian Tiger Project in Sikhote-Alin range from 178 to 208 cm (70 to 82 in) in head and body length measured in straight line, with an average of 195 cm (77 in) for males; and for females ranging from 167 to 182 cm (66 to 72 in) with an average of 174 cm (69 in). The average tail measures 99 cm (39 in) in males and 91 cm (36 in) in females. The longest male "Maurice" measured 309 cm (122 in) in total length (tail of 101 cm (40 in)) and had a chest girth of 127 cm (50 in). The longest female "Maria Ivanna" measured 270 cm (110 in) in total length (tail of 88 cm (35 in)) and had a chest girth of 108 cm (43 in). These measurements show that the present Amur tiger is longer than the Bengal tiger and the African lion. According to modern research of wild Siberian tigers in Sikhote-Alin, an average adult male of more than 35 months of age weighs 176.4 kg (389 lb), the average asymptotic limit being 222.3 kg (490 lb); an adult tigress weighs 117.9 kg (260 lb). The mean weight of historical Siberian tigers is supposed to be higher: 215.3 kg (475 lb) for male tigers and 137.5 kg (303 lb) for females. In May 2011, a male called "Banzai" weighing 207 kg (460 lb) was radio-collared. This individual is heavier but smaller in size than a previously radio-collared male. Measurements of more than fifty captured individuals suggest that body size is similar to that of Bengal tigers. The largest male, with largely assured references, measured 350 cm (140 in) "over curves", equivalent to 330 cm (130 in) between pegs. The tail length in fully grown males is about 1 m (39 in). Weights of up to 318 kg (700 lb) have been recorded and exceptionally large males weighing up to 384 kg (850 lb) are mentioned in the literature but, according to Mazak, none of these cases can be confirmed via reliable sources. The biggest skull of a Siberian tiger from Manchuria measured 406 mm (16.0 in) in length, which is about 20 30 mm (0.79 1.2 in) more than the maximum skull lengths achieved by tigers from the Amur region and northern India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The male Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica), stands 99-107 cm (39 in-42 in) at the shoulder
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